"highlight time"

richie loidl - twenty happy years of boogie shakin`

Highlight Time
  • Richie Loidl's anniversary-CD : 20 years since my first performance!

  • Includes pure unadulterated boogie woogie and blues. I play my "highlight-songs" from 1986 through 2006

  • Solo-piano pieces, duo with drums, and trio with contrabass. Four tunes with vocals
  • Elaborate information and smashing photographs in an 11 page booklet
  • Recorded in the Landhaus zu Appesbach, St. Wolfgang from the 26 to the 29. Jan. 2006

  • I play on a Steinway and Sons "B" grand piano
  • Musicians: Richie Loidl (p/voc), Franz Trattner (d), Rocky Knauer (b)

  • For auditory samples, please click on the corresponding links under "songs on this CD"
  • For any question regarding the CD, please send an email ;-)

Songs on this CD:

01) Let`s Have a Good Time (Trad./Arr. Richie Loidl) - p/voc/d/b
02) Whole Lotta Boogie Goin` On (Richie Loidl) - p/voc/d/b
03) How Long Blues (Leroy Carr) - p/d/b
04) Pinetop`s Boogie (Pinetop Smith) - p/d
05) Suitcase Blues (Hersal Thomas) - p/d/b
06) Chicago Breakdown (Big Maceo Merriweather) - p
07) Hardtop Special (Martin Pyrker) - p/d/b
08) The Sheik of Araby (Smith/Wheeler/Snider) - p/d/b
09) Good Morning Piano (Richie Loidl) - p
10) Hi Heel Sneakers (Robert Higginbotham) - p/voc/d/b
11) Blue Suede Shoes (Carl Lee Perkins) - p/voc/d/b
12) Bonustrack: The Boogie-Girl from Ipanema (Antonio Carlos Jobim) - p/d/b

"souvenirs of solitude"

frank "johnny" schütten - piano

Souvenirs of Solitude
  • Johnny Schuetten plays own compositions

  • Style: Easy listening jazzpiano, balads, stride. Lean back, listen and relax...!

  • recorded at lehar theater, Bad Ischl in october 2005

  • Johnny plays on on Boesendorfer "Imperial" grand piano

  • Line-Up: Johnny Schuetten solo - all songs composed & performed by himself

  • To listen to songs click on the links below

  • For any question regarding the CD, please send an email ;-)

Songs on this CD:

01) Souvenirs of Solitude
02) Easy Come, Easy Go
03) The Cat
04) Eleuthera Sunset
05) Farewell to Shirley H.
06) The Chesapeake Wedding Rag
07) Meno Mosso
08) Groovin` at Tippy`s
09) Jetlag

"Another Life"

Clemens Vogler - Boogie Woogie & Blues

Another Life
  • Clemens` disc with his favourite boogies, blues and jazz standards

  • Style: Boogie woogie, blues and jazz standards

  • recorded at Strandhotel Margaretha on April 22nd, 2003

  • Clemens plays on Steinway & Sons B Grand Piano

  • Line-Up: Clemens Vogler (p), Philipp Kopmajer (d), Alex Meik (b)

  • For any question regarding the CD, please send an email ;-)

Songs on this CD:

01) Another Life (Clemens Vogler) - p/dr/b
02) Keep on Gwine (James Booker) - p/dr/b
03) Jancey Special (Meade Lux Lewis) - p/dr
04) Mellow Mood (Clemens Vogler) - p
05) C Jam Boogie (Duke Ellington) - p/dr
06) Servus Hans (Hans Georg Möller) - p/dr/b
07) Chicago Breakdown (Maceo Merriweather) - p/dr
08) Woy`s Dance (Clemens Vogler) - p
09) Blues For My Baby (Clemens Vogler) - p/dr/b
10) Lia`s Dance (Clemens Vogler) - p/dr
11) All Blues (Miles Davis) - p/dr/b
12) Unsquare Dance (Dave Brubeck) - p/dr/b
13) Blue Monk (Thelonious Monk) - p/dr/b
14) Blues Pour La Djembe (P. Kopmajer/C. Vogler) - p/dr/b
15) Take Five (Paul Desmond) - p/dr/b
16) Bonustrack "My Solo" (Clemens Vogler) - p

"Boogie Passion"

The Austrian Showtime Boogie Woogie Project

Momentan ist diese CD vergriffen / At the moment this CD is not any more available / Au moment ce CD n'est plus disponible

Boogie Passion
  • It's real passionate showtime boogie-time...!

  • Style: Attention! Cd contains heavy-shakin` breathtakin' boogie songs!

  • recorded at Soundborn Studio, Vienna from 02.-04.4.2002

  • Richie and Stoffi play on Yamaha and Schimmel grand pianos

  • Line-Up: Richie Loidl (p/voc), Christoph "Stoffi" Steinbach (p/voc), Heini Altbart (d)

  • To listen to songs click on the links below

  • For any question regarding the CD, please send an email ;-)

Songs on this CD:

01) Jump& Jive (Axel Zwingenberger) - RL/CS/HA
02) Boogie Passion (Richie/Stoffi) - RL/CS/HA
03) Octave Stomp (Richie Loidl) - RL/HA
04) Rimshot Boogie (Stoffi) - CS/HA
05) She Got Long Legs (Richie/Stoffi) - RL/CS/HA
06) I´m The Boogie Man (Vince Weber) - CS/HA
07) Cow Cow Blues (Cow Cow Davenport) - RL/HA
08) Tin Roof Blues (Louis Armstrong) - RL/CS/HA
09) 6th Avenue Express (P. Johnson/A.Ammons) - RL/CS/HA
10) Funk & Walk (Richie Loidl) - RL/HA
11) Dirty Finger Boogie (Stoffi) - CS/HA
12) Tell Me, Partner (Stoffi/Richie) - RL/CS/HA
13) Don`t Shoot the Drumer (Richie/Stoffi/Heini) - RL/CS/HA

"Shake the Lake"

CleMaRic feat. Johnny Schütten

  • It`s the first CD we ever recorded!

  • Style: The CD corresponds to our festival "Shake the Lake" and contains "the authentic feeling around the piano and around the lake". We play boogie woogie, blues, stride and a balad

  • Recorded at Landhaus zu Appesbach, St. Wolfgang from 19.-21.3.1999

  • We play on two Steinway & Sons grand pianos

  • Line-Up: Richie Loidl (p), Clemens Vogler (p), Markus Brandl (p), Johnny Schütten (p)

  • To listen to songs click on the links below

  • For any question regarding the CD, please send an email ;-)

Songs on this CD:

01) Let`s buy a Piano (Ric/Cle) - CleRic
02) Sheik of Araby (Snyder/Smith/Wheeler) - Ma
03) Blues for my Baby (Cle) - Cle
04) Grandmother`s Blues (Ric) - Ric
05) St. Louis Blues (W. C. Handy) - Ma
06) Servus Hans (H. G. Möller) - CleRic
07) Slow Motion Blues (A. Zwingenberger) - Cle
08) Growin` up Boogie (Ric) - Ric
09) Yancey Special (J. Yancey) - Ric
10) Lucy (J. Schütten) - JS
11) Easy Rider (A. Ammons) - Cle
12) Swingin`the Blues (J. Schütten/Cle) - Cle/JS
12) Swingin`the Blues (J. Schütten/Cle) - Cle/JS
13) Roll `em Pete (P. Johnson) - CleMa
14) Jet Lag (J. Schuetten) - JS


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